Wild Lubanzi Volunteer Work

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We had the opportunity to do some volunteer work in Eastern Cape in 2020. Consisting mostly of communal gardening, building maintenance, building, flooring, water pipe repairs and rock building projects, it was something very different from a day at an office, and so much more satisfying; other than cleaning toilets. Apparently, it is hard to work to fathom how to use a toilet brush or flush a toilet when finishing off in a bathroom.

Satisfaction is a feeling that can’t be beat.

Our visit was short, but it was a nice feeling leaving something behind that will be used and enjoyed by visitors that go there in the future. This is probably something we would not have done if it was not for Covid-19 lockdowns.

Pipe Dreams

Travelling, volunteering in other countries, maybe see somewhat of the world could be awesome, but after 3 visa applications being turned due to lockdowns already, that seems like a pipe dream at the moment. Exploring the possibilities, but the viabilities seem to be at odds.

A Project Completed

Final look, rock building in front of one of the safari tents built as part of a volunteer project. The small outcrop serves as a small stoep in front of the tent, a step up the hill, and also anchors the ground on the steep hill. The plants still need to grow.The final look, a rock wall with natural seating in front of one of the safari tents; looking out onto the ocean. The small outcrop also serve as a small stoep in front of the tent, a step to climb up the hill; and anchors the ground, protecting against ground erosion that is so common on these steep hills. The plants still need to grow.

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